... Linux beyond x86

"I think it is a gross error to design an OS for any specific architecture [...] LINUX is tied fairly closely to the 80x86. Not the way to go."
(Andrew S. Tanenbaum)

The world's most popular free operating system Linux does not necessarily need a x86 compatible machine to run on. It works on a lot of different hardware architectures, starting from PDAs up to mainframes. One might say the quotation on the right side, taken from Andrew S. Tanenbaums famous posting "Linux is obsolete", has been taken into consideration during the development process of Linux.

However, the main focus of non-x86 CPUs nowadays is on mobile devices, high end servers, game consoles and embedded devices, the latter of which are not covered here.'s database gives an overview on how Linux can be used on these systems. Beside some original AnyTux documents many links are available. Currently there are 1931 systems in our database.

We also list system that are not (yet) or only partially supported by Linux.

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