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When you are involved with IT systems and especially with Linux, sooner or later you will come across hardware that has not much in common with the classic Intel PC. On many of these machines Linux can be used as an operating system.

In particular for older systems that are no longer supported by their manufacturer's native operating systems Linux opens the opportunity to use a modern OS. Additionaly, older Unix machines often can be acquired quite cheap when bigger companies replace them. You can also find them in online auctions.

Facing the fact that non Intel hardware is and has been produced in much smaller numbers than PCs are, finding solutions for a problem often takes longer. tries to change this.

Behind the scenes is written completely in PHP and uses the Smarty template engine and parts of PHPlib. Dynamic data is stored in a MySQL database.

HTML code complies to the HTML 4.01 standard and CSS 1.0, making minimal use of CSS 2.0 elements that are interpreted correctly by all modern browsers. This means that older browsers (especially Netscape 4.x) will display these pages not optimal.

Development is done using Quanta under KDE on Kubuntu Linux. Graphics are edited with The GIMP.
Our server runs Debian GNU/Linux.


The team would like to thank everyone who is publishing information about non Intel systems and how to use Linux on these systems over the web. Special thanks go to the following websites:

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